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Refurbished Servers? Think Again!

HPE Renew, Dell Recertified, and Dell Outlet Enterprise are international programs offering servers, storage, and networking products. These programs have a rock-solid track record for meeting all kinds of enterprise IT needs. Over at Synergy, our commitment is all about consistently offering a wide array of fully configured-to-order (CTO) remanufactured solutions. Each of Dell and HPE’s remanufactured products goes through an in-depth factory recertification, with the added reassurance of each OEM’s warranty.

Dell Recertified from Dell Outlet – Enterprise

For two decades, we’ve offered a diverse portfolio of HPE servers, storage, and Aruba networking as an HPE Renew distributor. Then in 2018, Synergy took a strategic step, joining Dell as a distributor for their Dell EMC Recertified program. This expanded our portfolio, enhancing our enterprise computing offerings. With Dell’s entry, our commitment to quality continues to resonate. Thus, our customers—old and new—can extract more value in a highly competitive enterprise compute, blades, servers, and storage market.

HPE Renew Server Gen10 ProLiant DL380

Full Warranty on Dell and HPE Recertified Solutions

Synergy’s Game: Dell PowerEdge and HPE ProLiant Servers At Synergy, we’re all about top-quality, factory-remanufactured Dell PowerEdge and HPE ProLiant servers. Shifting gears to our team, each piece of equipment gets a thorough check-up from our certified pros. This way, we make sure our gear performs just as well as any brand-new enterprise product out there.

Exceeding Expectations with Remanufactured Excellence

Remanufactured Quality: No Compromises Making the switch from new to remanufactured? No sweat, you’re not losing out on quality. You can even mix and match with the same warranty! When Dell and HPE products land in our hands, we make them shine. Expect performance on par with any fresh-off-the-line enterprise gear. Staying true to quality? That’s our jam.

Refurbished Dell rack server

Deliver More for Less with Remanufactured Servers

As a trusted partner, you enhance customer value by sourcing HPE ProLiant, Dell PowerEdge servers, or HPE Aruba switches. Although equipment may leave the factory, its potential remains undiminished. These units, formerly displayed at demos or trade shows, undergo recertification by HPE and Dell’s at their factory. As a result, you can deliver recertified equipment to your customers, meeting new standards at a fraction of the cost.

A New Avenue for HPE and Dell Resellers

To our authorized partners, VARs, and resellers, you’ll appreciate the extra source for Dell PowerEdge and HPE ProLiant servers that Synergy provides. Meanwhile, if you’re an end-user of HPE or Dell equipment, it’s crucial to ensure your reseller has teamed up with Synergy. By doing so, you’re paving the way to secure the best deal possible.

A spread of Dell server components including hard drives, memory modules, and processors.

Remanufactured HPE servers from the factoryOEM Warranties for Dell and HPE Servers


Warranties identical to new manufacturers’, along with available uplifts, offer peace of mind from the sale’s date.

Customize Your Dell or HPE Server Build without Extra Charges


Experience no additional costs when customizing builds to order; options for installing Microsoft OS (ROK) is also at your disposal.

Cost-Effective Solutions with Remanufactured Dell and HPE Hardware


Combining new and remanufactured products offers an excellent strategy for your customers seeking cost-effective IT solutions.

Open the Door to Cost-Effective IT Solutions

By offering competitive pricing on our remanufactured HPE ProLiant and Dell PowerEdge servers, we equip you to effortlessly extend your customers’ IT budgets. As a result, you secure outstanding deals without ever compromising on quality.

Award-Winning HPE & Dell Certified Team

Leveraging continuous training investments, every member of our Sales and Technical staff boasts technical certifications for the entire range of HPE ProLiant and Dell PowerEdge products we distribute and support. Consequently, you can trust in our expertise to guide you in choosing the best remanufactured solutions for your customers.

Stay Ahead with Our Current HPE & Dell

At Synergy, we maintain $millions in cutting-edge inventory; 80% is less than 12-months old. This gives you the chance to offer your customers the latest HPE ProLiant and Dell PowerEdge technology, balancing innovation and budget.

Discover the Synergy Advantage

Just stumbled upon Synergy? Awesome! We’re eager to show you the exceptional value we deliver. What sets us apart? Our ability to customize HPE ProLiant and Dell PowerEdge servers, having them ready in just days, not weeks.

Maximize Your HPE and Dell Sales

Choosing Synergy opens up a world of fast, flexible IT solutions. We get your orders ready quickly, helping you meet tight deadlines and turning your customers’ tech dreams into reality in no time. It’s not just about saving time – it gives you an edge in the market.

Remanufactured Quality and Warranty

Yes, our commitment goes beyond speed and customization. In parallel, we adhere to stringent quality standards. Every HPE and Dell product we distribute undergoes meticulous quality checks. Therefore, we’re not just ticking off your timelines, we’re ensuring everything we deliver aligns with your high expectations. So, lean on Synergy to significantly enhance your customer experience and satisfaction.

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