Renew and Recertified

HPE Renew and Dell Recertified are worldwide programs offering Enterprise server, storage and networking products boasting a track record of longevity and credibility in satisfying customers’ technology requirements and services. Synergy is committed to continuing to offer an extensive portfolio of completely remanufactured products and solutions to meet your business needs. These quality remanufactured products undergo complete factory recertification backed by the manufacturer’s same-as-new warranty.

Dell and HPE Distributor

For 20-years we offered an extensive portfolio of HPE Servers, Storage and Aruba Networking.  Then Synergy joined as Dell’s first tier-1 distribution partner for the Dell EMC Recertified program expanding our portfolio of enterprise compute for our Synergy customers. Adding Dell enterprise to our portfolio was a logical next step for us as the program aligned with our standards for quality. For our customers – new and existing – this means extending more value in a competing market for enterprise compute, blades, servers and storage.

CTO Builds
Ship Same Day  

Why Buy From Synergy?

This is a great question! If you’re new to Synergy, then you are going to be thrilled with the level of value we bring to all of our customers. Where we shine is configurability offering CTO-build in days, not weeks.


Trust in the Channel

Synergy offers high quality products that are factory remanufactured and retested by our own certified factory team. Synergy’s products offer the same reliability and performance as new enterprise products.

If you are a reseller, you need to know you have another way to get HPE and Dell equipment. And if you are an HPE or Dell customer, you need to let your reseller know about Synergy so you know you are getting the best deal you can.

Revitalized savings

Once a server, a storage array, or a switch leaves the factory, whether its box is opened or not, it cannot be sold as new equipment. But lots of equipment used in demos, trade shows, and so forth, ends up in limbo, somewhere between new and used. HPE and Dell recertify the equipment equivalent to new, and make it available to you.

Identical to new manufacturer warranties and available uplifts provide peace of mind from the date of sale

No extra charges for customizing builds to order; installing Microsoft OS is also available

Augmenting new with remanufactured is great for customers seeking cost-effective solutions

Open Doors

Offering lower prices, we help stretch your customer’s budget when you need to obtain aggressive prices without sacrificing quality.

Certified Team

With investments in training, our Sales and Technical staff have all achieved technical certifications for all of the products we sell and support.

Current Generation

80% of Synergy’s inventory is less than 12-months old. Your customers want current generation – new technology- while keeping their budgets on target.