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Why wait? Forget about used Dell servers! Dell Outlet Enterprise Certified products from Synergy open up a world of possibilities, offering exceptional value and quality to your customers. We help more people access top-notch technology that suits their requirements and budget.

Why Choose Synergy for Dell Outlet Enterprise Certified Products?

If you’re new to Synergy, prepare to be amazed by the unparalleled value we deliver to all our customers. Our strength lies in our ability to customize orders based on your unique needs, setting us apart from what’s typically available online.

Your Trusted Dell Authorized Distributor in the USA and Canada

We offer our customers – both new and existing – enhanced value in a competitive market for enterprise compute, blades, servers, and storage.

Dell Outlet Enterprise Certified | Dell EMC PowerEdge Server Upgrades

Experience the savings with our remanufactured Dell servers.

Where do Dell Outlet Enterprise Certified Products Originate?

  • Dell Demo and Proof of Concept: Products used for demonstrations, including at trade shows and conferences.
  • Canceled Orders: Fully functional products that have left the Dell warehouse and can no longer be sold as new.

Purchase directly from Dell’s leading Enterprise Certified Distributor, delivering to the USA and Canada

All Dell EMC Enterprise Certified products undergo a rigorous second Dell factory remanufacturing and testing process to meet the same factory specifications as new. Backed by the OEM warranty identical to new, you’re covered from the date of purchase; your warranty begins on day one and is refreshed as with your original warranty.

Not Your Typical Remanufactured Dell Server

Experience low channel prices on Dell Outlet Enterprise Certified servers, fast turnaround on Dell PowerEdge, and Support and Dell Configuration Service Tags.

  • Dell EMC PowerEdge | PowerEdge G14, G15, G16  Tower and Rack Servers | PowerEdge Server Options
  • Dell EMC PowerEdge MX | Modular Network | MX Ethernet I/O Modules, Fibre Channels
  • Dell EMC PowerVault | Storage SAN/DAS | ME Series

Cost-Effective Solutions with Dell Outlet Enterprise Certified Servers

One of the main advantages of purchasing a Dell Outlet Enterprise Certified server is the significant cost savings compared to a new server, without compromising on quality or performance. This is particularly beneficial for businesses operating within a strict budget or needing to allocate resources to other vital areas of their operations.

Promoting Sustainability with Dell Outlet Enterprise Certified Servers

By purchasing a Dell Outlet Enterprise Certified server, you’re supporting a more sustainable future by extending the product’s life cycle. Dell is committed to sustainability and reducing e-waste.

Your Dell Authorized Distributor Offers a Wide Range of Dell Outlet Enterprise Certified Servers

Dell Outlet offers a broad range of server options, ensuring you find the perfect server to meet your business needs. Our team of experts is available to provide support and guidance throughout the purchasing process, ensuring a seamless experience.

The Perfect Balance: Quality, Performance, and Cost: Dell Outlet Enterprise Certified

We believe that a Dell Outlet Enterprise Certified server is an excellent choice for businesses looking to balance quality, performance, and cost. Contact us today for a quote!