Dell Outlet Authorized Distributor and Dell Recertified Program Logo - 2023

Dell Outlet Authorized Distributor and Dell Recertified: A Deep Dive into Enterprise Solutions

The unveiling of the new Dell Outlet Authorized Distributor logo for 2023 is more than just a design update—it’s a symbol of our ongoing commitment to excellence. Since 2017, our Dell distributor relationship has become a trusted name for resellers looking for quality and reliability. With Dell Outlet gearing up to introduce a fresh distribution tier, we’re excited to present the Dell Recertified program as another lucrative opportunity for our partners to boost the Dell compute investments of their enterprise and SMB customers.

Sales Credit Recognition: A Business Imperative

The transparent and efficient allocation of sales credits is a business necessity for resellers. This Dell Outlet Authorized Distributor  – has streamlined its operations to ensure that resellers are duly credited, thereby enhancing their profitability and long-term growth.

Configure-to-Order (CTO) and Dell Recertified Customization

Unlike Dell Outlet’s pre-configured systems,  Synergy’s team of dual-role sales plus system architects, assist with complimentary customization, from NIC configurations to drive setups, all using Dell certified parts. This program, facilitated through Synergy Associates, offers systems that are in like-new condition, complete with a standard 5-year next business day warranty.

Stock Availability: A Competitive Edge

Immediate product availability is a competitive advantage that cannot be overstated. As a Dell Outlet Authorized Distributor – Platinum Level, this entity maintains a comprehensive inventory, ensuring immediate availability and rapid delivery to meet the demands of resellers. Dell Recertified adds another layer to this, offering systems that were produced but never sold as new, making them readily available for immediate shipping.

Platinum Level – Dell Outlet Authorized Reseller Program

Connect with our Dell PM

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As a token of our gratitude and to fuel your ongoing success, we're excited to present the Dell Recertified Sales Playbook

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3% cash back incentive

Dell Unboxing Video

The Upcoming Dell Outlet Distribution Tier: A Strategic Advantage

Dell Outlet will soon announce a new distribution tier. As an Authorized Distributor, this distributorship will provide its partners with early access and exclusive benefits, reinforcing its leadership position in the market. We’re excited to be a part of Dell’s amazing program in the United States, Latin America and Canada.

Testimonials: Voices from the Field

“The Configure-to-Order capabilities from Synergy have revolutionized our operational efficiency. The transparent process for sales credit recognition has made this partnership invaluable”
– Reseller, Enterprise Solutions

The Time for Engagement is Now

As a Dell Outlet Authorized Distributor, Synergy remains committed to delivering unparalleled value to its network of partners. With the unique offerings of the Dell Recertified program, the opportunity for greater business outcomes has never been better.

For further information, our team of sales experts and our Dell Product Manager are available to help.