HPE Renew ProLiant DL servers in a clean, modern data center.

HPE Renew – 25 years of sales and technical experience

Welcome to Synergy Associates, your trusted Authorized Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) distributor representing the HPE Renew program. As a leading distributor, we specialize in HPE ProLiant servers, storage, and HPE Aruba networking products.

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Within our multimillion-dollar inventory, we offer an extended portfolio of HPE Renew products. These products undergo a comprehensive remanufacturing and testing process, restoring them to meet HPE certified standards. We have thousands of HPE products in stock, ready for immediate shipment.

Maximize your HPE business investment

Synergy Associates collaborates closely with HPE Partners, HPE Channel Partners, PBMs, BDRs, and authorized VARs. By leveraging our expertise, we help maximize the value of your customers’ HPE data center investments. Partnering with us opens doors to sales quota attainment and Partner Ready benefits, as they apply to you.

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With our commitment to customization, fast turnaround time, lower cost, availability, and long-term relationships, we are here to meet your unique hardware needs. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive range of HPE products and experience our exceptional service.

How HPE Renew Benefits Authorized HPE Reseller Partners

HPE Renew products offer a unique opportunity to meet your sales quota while providing value to your customers. These products offer the same performance and reliability as new products, but at a fraction of the cost. This means that you can offer your customers more value for their money, which can help you close more deals and meet your sales targets.

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Assorted genuine HPE server parts exhibiting the wide range of high-quality components available.
The HPE Renew program offers an extensive portfolio of thoroughly inspected and certified refurbished HPE products at a reduced cost.

Synergy Associates: HPE Renew Distributor

Certificate of Quality & Warranty Statement

Technical overview for HPE ProLiant hardware components such as processors, memory modules, and storage drives 

Remanufacturing Process Technical Brief

HPE Genuine Replacement Parts

Several genuine HPE memory modules displayed against a clean, white backdrop.

Genuine HPE Replacement Memory

Dell PowerEdge rack servers installed in a modern, efficient data center environment.

Synergy Associates HPE Line Card

An engineer inspecting an HPE Renew product in a lab.

Article: Why Renew is Better for You

Discover HPE Renew for Profitability and HPE Project Performance

HPE Renew  is a 40+ year, global initiative by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) that offers certified remanufactured and refurbished HPE products to customers at a lower cost compared to buying new equipment. These products go through a rigorous renewal process, which includes inspection, testing, and restoration to ensure that they meet the same quality and performance standards as new HPE products.

Affordable technology solutions for the healthcare industry with HPE Renew and VEEAM


A stack of HPE Renew DHCI  servers in a data center.


An array of HPE Renew VSAN Ready hardware products against a white background.


Millions of dollars in inventory HPE Renew Synergy Associates in Minnesota
Synergy Associates HPE Renew ProLiant inventory in their Minnesota distribution center.

How about some benefits of utilizing and authorized HPE distributor!

When it comes to your sales team and their customers, partnering with an authorized HPE Distributor like Synergy Associates brings a multitude of valuable benefits:

Expertise and Support You Can Trust

Rely on Synergy Associates’ extensive expertise and dedicated support throughout your sales process. Our knowledgeable team is committed to providing free customization, ensuring a fast and winning quote that delivers exceptional customer satisfaction.

Efficient Order Processing and Same-Day Shipping

Experience seamless order processing with your Synergy sales account manager. We understand the importance of time, and our efficient order fulfillment ensures your products reach your customers promptly. Orders received by 4:30 pm Central Time qualify for same-day shipping, enabling you to meet tight deadlines.

Certified Quality Assurance and HPE Warranty Protection

Ensure peace of mind with our certified quality assurance and warranty protection. As an authorized HPE Distributor, Synergy Associates offers products that adhere to the highest quality standards. Your customers can trust in the authenticity and reliability of HPE solutions, backed by comprehensive warranty and support.

By procuring from a trusted channel source, you empower your sales team to deliver exceptional value to your customers. With our expertise, access to a wide range of solutions, competitive pricing, efficient order processing, and certified quality assurance, we are committed to supporting your success.

HPE Renew is the Wordle today!
These products also benefit from a full warranty, starting from the purchase date and offering the same service and support as new items.
HPE Renew items originate from the HPE Demo Program or factory excess, ensuring high performance.

Access to a Wide Range of HPE Solutions

Tap into our in-depth product knowledge and gain access to a HPE warehouse of HPE solutions. We stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends, enabling us to offer valuable insights and recommend the best products for your customers’ project requirements.

Competitive Pricing and Cost Savings

Benefit from competitive pricing and same-day shipping through Synergy Associates. Our dynamic inventory and amazing prices allow you to maximize profitability for both your sales team and customers, delivering value without compromising on quality.

Get a quote - fill orders faster!

Get a quote - fill orders faster!

By utilizing the HPE Renew program, you can provide your sales team and their customers with cost-effective and reliable IT solutions that support sustainability efforts and provide the same level of performance and support as new products.