A comprehensive range of HPE Aruba solutions providing advanced connectivity in a server rack setup.

Dell Recertified & HPE Renew Financing – DLL Credit Services

Dell EMC Outlet financing

DLL Financial Solutions

“Synergy Associates and DLL offer custom finance solutions to grow your business. Benefit from DLL’s 50 years of industry experience.”

Diverse HPE Aruba network equipment providing robust connectivity solutions for modern enterprise networks.

45-Day Interest Free

By teaming up with DLL, Synergy offers resellers personalized inventory finance solutions, a key strategy for business growth. Approved Dell Technologies and authorized HPE resellers benefit from a 45-day interest-free period on all purchases from Synergy Associates.

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POP Funding for HPE Dell Aruba

Purchase Order Program (POP)

By teaming up with DLL, Synergy offers resellers personalized inventory finance solutions, a key strategy for business growth. Approved Dell Technologies and authorized HPE resellers benefit from a 45-day interest-free period on all purchases from Synergy Associates.

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HPE financial services options on remanufactured equipment

HPE Financial Services

No matter your industry, company size or mission, HPE Financial Services offers leasing solutions that you can leverage to ensure your success.

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fund your customers’ projects

 Synergy Associates Credit Department FAQs

Q: What payment methods are accepted?

A: Credit cards: Visa, Mastercard and American Express are all accepted upon receipt of a “Credit Card Authorization form” that has been signed by an authorized individual and returned to Synergy Associates via secure link that will be sent to you. There is a limit of $50,000 usd per credit card transaction a day and all credit card payments are subject to a processing fee.

Wire transfers are accepted and there is a fee of $25 for domestic transactions and $40 for international that the sender is responsible for.

Please contact your customer service representative for instructions.

Q: May we pay with a credit card for an order that was invoiced with terms and is due?

A: Those that choose to pay their invoices with credit terms using a credit card will be subject to a 3% processing fee.

Q: How may we get a credit line and NET terms?

A: To obtain a line of credit you will need to submit a completed credit application and the following information.

  • Last 2 years of reviewed or audited financial statements
  • W-9 & Tax resale/tax exempt form

Q: What occurs if we fail to make payments on my account?

A: If your account is past due:

  1. If your account is past due it will be put on credit hold at the discretion of the Synergy Associates credit department and no orders will be shipped until payment is received and the account is current.
  2. If your account is past due 60 days or more the process for legal collection will start and your credit line may be at risk of suspension.
  3. If your account is over 90 days past due it will be sent to legal collection and your credit benefits will be removed.

Q: Will the account accrue interest charges if invoices are not paid on time?

A: Yes, accounts accrue interest charges 1.5% monthly (18% APR) when not paid on time. These charges must be paid, and you agree to pay once you sign your credit application with Synergy Associates.

Q: Who is responsible for the costs involved in sending payments to Synergy Associates?

A: The sender is responsible. Synergy Associates will not pay for the cost of transferring or sending money to us.

Q: What should I do if I need an RMA?

A: For RMAs, please contact our customer service department and notify your sales representative. It is important to notify us as soon as possible of a return. Freight charges will not be reimbursed.

Q: Do we pay freight charges?

A: Yes, all invoices will include a freight charge that you will have to pay. Quotes will not include freight unless you ask your sales representative at the time of quotation.

Net Terms Credit Line

Synergy extends net terms to eligible customers. To learn more, please reach out to us.

Wire Transfer | Electronic Funds Transfer | ACH

For urgent orders, a wire transfer is a fast and secure option. Transfer funds from your bank to ours to complete the transaction quickly. To start this process, you may need to make a wire transfer, EFT, or ACH payment.

To answer any questions, please reach out to your bank’s Customer Service department for help.

Credit and Debit Cards

For convenience, consider using Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit cards at the time of purchase.

Dell Recertified & HPE Renew Financing and Credit

Aruba network equipment providing the backbone of a high-speed, reliable enterprise network.

Explore Synergy’s Credit Services

Ensuring you have the products you need, when and where you need it to achieving your sustainability goals, we can help. If you have questions, complete the form below to contact Synergy’s Credit Team.


You may also contact us with any questions or to apply:

Synergy Associates | Credit Services
(888) 763.9920 Toll Free
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Synergy Associates makes IT procurement simple. We’re your partner in crafting financial solutions that work for you.

Check Out Dell and HPE Renew Financing

We’ve got you covered with a range of products. These include Dell Outlet, Dell Recertified enterprise, HPE Renew, and HPE Aruba. We ease financing with credit options, payment plans, and leasing deals.

Growing with Dell and HPE Partners

New or established, all Dell and HPE partners can count on us. Need a bigger credit line for procurement? We’re here to help. We offer the support your business needs to level up.

Quickening Sales and Increasing Efficiency

Our finance plans do more than just budgeting. They help you seize sales swiftly and boost efficiency. By refining your financial strategy, we ensure your business keeps pace with evolving IT needs.

Choose Synergy Associates for IT procurement. We deliver a smooth process that powers your business growth.