Synergy Associates and HPE Pointnext Tech Care

Leverage HPE’s Support Services with Synergy

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) equips customers with tools for success in a data-driven world. With HPE’s innovative solutions, you can leverage their experience and top-tier expertise to benefit from emerging technologies such as AI and 5G networks. Together with Synergy, we pave the way for your technological advancement.

A selection of genuine HPE ProLiant parts such as hard drives, CPUs, and RAM modules against a HPE branded background.

Introducing HPE Tech Care Service

HPE Tech Care Service offers operational support for HPE hardware and software products, including on-premise and as-a-service versions. This service aims to help IT teams become proactive, searching for more efficient ways to operate rather than merely reacting to issues.

HPE Tech Care Service Benefits

HPE Tech Care Service users gain direct access to product-specific specialists, providing general technical guidance. This support spans multiple channels, including telephone, real-time chat, and automated incident logging. It’s about going beyond traditional support to offer general technical guidance for product operation, management, and security.

HPE Renew servers in a data center, providing the same performance, reliability, and scalability as new HPE servers, but at a reduced cost.

Enhanced Digital Experience with HPE Tech Care Service

Besides traditional technical support, HPE Tech Care Service offers access to the HPE service portal, an enhanced and personalized digital experience. This portal provides actionable data about HPE products, service cases, and support contracts. The portal’s new self-service tools allow users to perform activities without opening a support incident.

Understanding the HPE Tech Care Service Structure

The service structure of HPE Tech Care Service includes a general set of features. These depend on the technology under support and if the product contains hardware, software, or both. Certain service features use HPE Proprietary Service Tools to provide greater technical guidance levels.

An array of HPE ProLiant parts such as processors, memory modules, and hard drives displayed on a clean white surface.

Service Level Options with HPE Pointnext Services

All service levels provide 24×7 access to online self-serve and self-solve capabilities. Remote and on-site response times vary based on the selected service level. HPE offers three service levels tailored to the customer’s operational requirements: Critical, Essential, and Basic.

Key Features of HPE Tech Care Service

Indeed, the general features of HPE Tech Care Service are comprehensive. They offer phone access to experts, and notably, provide expert online chat. Additionally, they extend general technical guidance and provide useful automated incident logging. Importantly, access to the HPE service portal is also included.

Concurrently, the hardware service features are equally impressive. They deliver remote problem diagnosis and support, furnish on-site hardware support, and critically, offer firmware updates for selected products.

Furthermore, the software service features stand out as well. They present a license to use software updates and, importantly, supply software product and documentation updates.

Aruba network equipment providing the backbone of a high-speed, reliable enterprise network.

Optional Features of HPE Support

Optional features include defective media retention (DMR), comprehensive defective material retention (CDMR), preventive maintenance, and hardware exchange service. These options add another layer of support, giving users the ability to tailor their service to their specific needs.