A DIY Guide to Boosting Your Sales Margins and Quota Numbers with HPE Renew

Boosting Your Sales with HPE Renew

In the dog-eat-dog world of IT sales, you need a secret weapon. Something that delivers value to your customers and fattens your bottom line. Say hello to the HPE Renew program from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. This program offers remanufactured products that meet HPE’s rigorous certified standards. In other words, you get to offer top-notch, cost-effective solutions to your customers. Let’s unpack the benefits of HPE Renew and how it can help you meet and exceed your sales quota.

The Lowdown on HPE Renew

HPE Renew is a program that offers a comprehensive portfolio of remanufactured HPE products that are certified to be as good as new. These products undergo a comprehensive remanufacturing and testing process, restoring them to meet HPE certified standards. The result is a product that delivers the same performance, reliability, and warranty as a new product, but at a significantly lower cost. And we’re not just talking about any products. We’re talking about data center and infrastructure products, HPE ProLiant servers, and even Aruba networking products. Yes, you read that right. Aruba networking products are part of the deal too!

Why Sell HPE Renew Products?

Selling HPE Renew products brings a plethora of benefits. These products offer the same reliability and performance as new HPE products but at a lower cost. This makes them an appealing option for customers with tight IT budgets. But the benefits don’t stop there. By offering HPE Renew products, you’re also providing a sustainable choice for your customers. These products are fully utilized and do not end up in landfill, reducing your customers’ overall environmental impact. Plus, they offer the same reliability and performance as new HPE products, but for less than the cost of the equivalent new product. If your customers have a limited IT budget, HPE Remanufactured Products are the perfect alternative – high-quality solutions at a lower cost.

Partnering with Synergy Associates for HPE Renew

By partnering with Synergy Associates, you can take advantage of our expertise and resources to maximize your sales potential. We offer a wide range of HPE Renew products, along with the support and services you need to succeed. This can help you offer a more comprehensive solution to your customers, further enhancing your sales potential.

The Benefits of HPE Renew for Your Customers

HPE Renew offers a range of benefits for your customers. These products are remanufactured to the same high standards as new HPE products, ensuring the same quality and performance. They also come with the same warranty as new products, providing your customers with peace of mind. Moreover, HPE Renew products are priced 15-80% below MSRP, making them a cost-effective solution for your customers.

Don’t Make Us Your Hail Mary! Offer Renew First!

There are several scenarios where HPE Renew products can be an ideal solution. These include when a customer has a lean IT budget, when you’re competing against a broker, when there are inventory constraints on new products, when organizations want to build upon or mirror existing infrastructure, when deeper discounts than new products can provide are needed, and for disaster recovery solutions, software testing and development, and training and demo rooms.

By empowering the HPE Renew program and its mix and match potential, sending in quote requests for all HPE and Aruba solidifies your first quotes to the customer will include the very best pricing up front. And more importantly, that you have a greater potential of capturing your products from the dynamic – often finite inventory.

Next Steps: Achieving Success with HPE Renew

Selling HPE Renew products offers a unique opportunity to provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions to your customers, contribute to sustainability, and meet your sales quota. By partnering with Synergy Associates, you can maximize these benefits and achieve success in competitive data center solutions.

By offering HPE Renew products, you can provide your customers with the high-quality, cost-effective solutions they need while also helping them reduce their environmental impact. Moreover, by partnering with Synergy Associates, you can take advantage of our expertise and resources to maximize your sales potential. Together, we can help you meet and exceed your sales quota, achieve success in the competitive IT landscape, and prepare for the future of compute infrastructure.


Synergy Associates is your trusted Authorized Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) distributor representing the HPE Renew program. We specialize in offering HPE Certified Remanufactured Products, including HPE ProLiant servers, storage, and HPE Aruba networking products. Download the HPE Renew Solution Overview