Unlock Your Potential with HPE Renew: Unveiling the Value and Benefits

The best kept secret in compute value.
(And no, this is not used or off-lease gear!)

As an HPE Renew distributor since 1998, Synergy Associates is proud to offer products that meet and exceed Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s high standards. HPE sets rigorous quality expectations for all their products, and HPE Renew products are no exception – they’re remanufactured to be as good as new.

A lineup of several HPE Renew servers in a clean, well-lit data center.

HPE Partner Challenges

  • Shipping delays, EOL roadmaps and other product constraints

  • Tight budget constraints

An efficient, high-tech data center showcasing a comprehensive setup of HPE Renew hardware.

The HPE Renew program is a worldwide program that started in 1981, boasting a track record of over 40-years longevity and credibility in satisfying customers’ needs

  • Renew is the remanufacturing arm of Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • HPE Renew is able to offer current models using the latest technology
  • Product warranty is identical to new products



ProLiant DL & ML Commercial Servers
ProLiant Server Options


MSA SAN Storage
Storage Blades
FC Switches
StoreOnce Backup
StoreVirtual Storage
SAN Switches & Host Bus Adaptors
StoreEasy Storage
StoreEver Tape Libraries


Networking Switches
Wireless LAN & Access Points
Networking Routers
Networking Accessories


Factory warranty with same uplifts available


Free configuration and pre-sales support


Order by 4pm central time and we’ll ship same day

Unleashing the Potential of HPE Renew for Your Business Success

Welcome to Synergy Associates, your trusted HPE Renew distributor. Partnering with us means tapping into a world of opportunities with HPE Renew and Aruba Renew products. Discover how our tailored solutions can maximize your profits, simplify sales credit processes, and deliver unmatched value to your customers.

Streamlined Sales Credit

No more deal registration hurdles! Explore our dynamic inventory and seize incredible prices. Check regularly for in-stock products and effortlessly earn sales credit. With our EDI HPE daily sales reporting, receive sales credit in a matter of days, not weeks. Time is of the essence, and our same-day shipping option ensures prompt delivery on orders received by 4:30pm Central Time.

Certified Expertise for Unmatched Quality

Experience the assurance of working with a certified team. Enjoy free customization, meticulous testing, and comprehensive documentation with every shipment. Our industry-leading DOA rate guarantees exceptional reliability. Additionally, our team registers HPE Pointnext Tech Care for your customers, providing a competitive edge when facing brokers or gray-market sellers. This advantage is particularly valuable in highly competitive scenarios or for customers with budget constraints.

Unlock New Possibilities

Leave deal registration concerns behind when expanding, upgrading, or mirroring existing infrastructure. Our HPE Renew products are ideal for DR/HA solutions, testing, DevOps, training, and demo rooms. Embrace the opportunity to explore new horizons while optimizing your resources.

HPE’s Quality Certification

Rely on the quality of HPE Renew products. Each item comes with a Certificate of Quality, earned after successfully passing the rigorous “HPE Renew Technical Remanufacturing Checklist.” By choosing HPE Renew, you’re not merely purchasing equipment; you’re investing in top-tier quality that exceeds industry standards.

Seamless Warranty Support

Enjoy peace of mind with the comprehensive warranty provided for HPE Renew products. This warranty begins from the date of purchase, resetting the entire original warranty period. Rest assured, HPE Renew items receive the same exceptional service and support as new products, complemented by additional support options for your convenience.

Proven Performance, Trusted Origin

Discover the advantages of HPE Renew’s product origin. The majority of our items originate from the HPE Demo Program or HPE’s factory excess, ensuring their age is less than a year. With HPE Renew, you can deliver the same high performance and reliability as brand-new HPE products, all while maximizing cost savings.

Uncompromising Testing Standards

At HPE Renew, we uphold the strictest standards. Every product undergoes HPE’s comprehensive remanufacturing and testing processes, meeting certified standards to qualify for the full HPE warranty. Rest assured that our thorough process guarantees the quality, reliability, and performance of each HPE Renew product.

Identify Authentic HPE Renew Products

Authenticating genuine HPE Renew products is effortless. Look for the “R” added to the seventh digit of the original product number. For instance, if the new product number is A1234A, the HPE Renew product number will be A1234AR or sometimes A1234AR-B21. This “R” signifies that the product has undergone HPE’s rigorous remanufacturing process and is covered by a full HPE warranty, just like a new product.

Choose Synergy Associates as your trusted HPE Renew distributor to maximize your profits, simplify sales credit processes, and deliver results.