HPE Renew Warranty | Remanufactured Dell Warranty

Reliability in Remanufacturing

Selecting HPE Renew and Dell Recertified products for your customers means choosing robust reliability. These remanufactured items offer top-tier performance akin to new products. They also carry the strong backing of the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) warranty.

Inclusive Warranty Coverage

Such coverage implies that remanufactured products enjoy the same protective warranty as new items. Should issues occur, your customers can rely on the OEM’s service, support, and repairs. These services enhance the trust in remanufactured options.

Dell Support and HPE Pointnext Tech Care Specialists

Support Options from Synergy

Whether it’s OEM Warranty from HPE and Dell or Third Party Maintenance (TPM) — Synergy provides your company the support options they need.

Support Services Ensure Consistency

Additionally, OEM’s support services come with these products. These services, including technical assistance, updates, and proactive monitoring, aim to boost product efficiency. They also work to reduce downtime and sustain smooth operations in your customer’s IT infrastructure.

Same-as-New in Remanufacturing

In conclusion, choosing HPE Renew and Dell Recertified products equates to picking new items. These remanufactured products offer not only high-quality hardware but also peace of mind for your customers. Backed by ‘same-as-new’ warranty benefits and all-encompassing support services, they promise smooth business operations.

HPE Renew Aruba switches and APs, from Synergy Associates
A comprehensive range of HPE Aruba network devices showcasing the latest in networking technology for business needs.

HPE Support Options from Synergy Associates

As you know, HPE Renew products carry the same-as-new warranty from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. In addition, Synergy offers 1,3 and 5-year support and also 1-year post warranties.

The internals of a Dell PowerEdge server, illustrating its high-quality components and complex build.

Dell Support Options from Synergy

We offer 3, 4, 5, and 7-year Support. Dell Support Options include, Basic and ProSupport NBD, ProSupport Mission critical, ProSupport Plus NBD, ProSupport Plus Mission Critical and KYHD (Keep Your Hard Drive).

Additional uplifts, service and support options are available.

Identical to New Warranty

You’re covered from the date of purchase; your warranty begins on day one and is refreshed as with your original warranty.

Uplifts and Post Warranty

Complement your original warranty with uplifts or post-warranty options. Contact your Synergy Sales representative for choices and pricing.