Third Party Maintenance for HPE Resellers and Dell Partners

Directly impacting your overall IT budget, Hardware Maintenance Management could be the cost optimization you need to maintain system performance and uptime.

Refurbished Dell servers stacked neatly, showcasing the Dell logo.

Multi-Vendor Maintenance Program includes: Servers, Storage and Networking

Centrally manage your maintenance contracts by using inventory and contract management that include General Availability (GA), End of Life (EOL), End of Service (EOS) keeping your useful asset’s life in mind.

HPE Aruba networking equipment including routers, switches, and access points.

Contracts and Asset Tracking

Managing and controlling maintenance contracts with different OEMs and expiration dates is difficult plus the renewal process is tedious. We will centralize your contracts and assets saving valuable time and money.

Third Party Maintenance (TPM) from Synergy provides your company multi-vendor flexibility, guaranteed cost savings, asset and event tracking and more. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Hardware Maintenance Management: Optimizing Your IT Budget and Performance

At Synergy Associates, an authorized HPE and Dell Distributor, we understand the impact of hardware maintenance on your overall IT budget. That’s why we offer comprehensive Hardware Maintenance Management solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring system performance and uptime.

Centrally Manage Maintenance Contracts and Assets

Managing maintenance contracts with different OEMs and varying expiration dates can be challenging and time-consuming. Our solution centralizes your contracts and assets, streamlining the process and saving you valuable time and money.

Contracts and Asset Tracking Simplified

With our integrated system, you gain full visibility and control over your maintenance contracts. We track General Availability (GA), End of Life (EOL), and End of Service (EOS) to optimize the lifespan of your valuable assets.

The advantages add up to savings! It only takes one call to determine your eligibility.

Multi-Vendor Flexibility

Customize to fit your business needs

Up to 70% Cost Savings

Why pay more for the same coverage?

Track Assets & Events

Get visibility into your assets and events

Unlock Cost Savings with Third Party Maintenance (TPM)

Synergy’s Third Party Maintenance (TPM) offers your company the flexibility to work with multiple vendors while guaranteeing significant cost savings. Why pay more for the same coverage when you can achieve up to 70% in cost savings with our TPM solutions?

Multi-Vendor Flexibility for Your Business

We understand that your business may rely on a mix of HPE and Dell equipment. Our TPM services provide the flexibility to customize maintenance plans according to your specific needs, ensuring seamless support for all your hardware.

Track Assets & Events with Ease

Gain valuable insights into your assets and events through our comprehensive tracking capabilities. With our TPM solution, you can easily monitor and manage your hardware inventory, allowing for proactive maintenance and efficient event management.

Ready to experience the benefits of Third Party Maintenance (TPM)? Contact us today for a free consultation and let our experts guide you towards cost-effective solutions that optimize your IT maintenance operations.