Affordable technology solutions for the healthcare industry with HPE Renew and VEEAM

Unlocking Data Management Efficiency with HPE Renew and Veeam

HPE Renew and Veeam: The Perfect Partnership

For more than ten years, HPE Renew and Veeam have worked hand in hand. Together, they simplify your data management and boost resilience, all while cutting down on risk. These powerful teams integrate unique features right into HPE Renew, ensuring top-tier data and application availability and monitoring.

Unlocking Data Management Efficiency with HPE Renew and Veeam

Our joint solution from HPE Renew and Veeam is designed to be simple and easy to manage. With a focus on maximizing application uptime and increasing the efficiency of your resources, we help guide you on your journey towards a data-first transformation. In this setup, your data is always available and always protected.

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IDC Approval

Graphic showing the key results in Veeam IDC study sponsored by HPE
IDC interviewed organizations using Veeam software to protect their HPE storage and servers. Learn how participants derived real value from the HPE+Veeam solution by providing a more robust, efficient, and cost-effective data platform.

Download the IDC Infographic: The Business Value of Veeam and HPE Storage and Servers

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With HPE Renew, you get solutions that are HPE-certified and like new, offering you the same reliability and performance as new products but at a lower cost.

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Ready to make your data management more efficient? Reach out to your Synergy sales representative to learn more about the power of HPE Renew and Veeam. With us, your data is always available and always protected.

Genuine HPE ProLiant parts that provide optimal performance and reliability for HPE servers.



The remanufactured servers are reliable, secure and tested by HPE

HPE Renew Customer Benefits

  • Same quality and performance as new HPE products at significant discounts
  • Pricing 15-80% below MSRP
  • Great option for vertical markets such as healthcare, manufacturing and public sector
  • Remanufactured to original specs and backed by HPE
  • Software, licenses and firmware equivalent to New HPE products
  • Eco friendly

The Future is Here: Modern Data Protection

With our modern data protection solutions, HPE Renew and Veeam support organizations that rely heavily on their data. Our solutions ensure your data is always at your fingertips and well-protected. Even better, if something does go wrong – from simple human error to a full-on malicious attack – you’ll be able to recover your data quickly and easily.

Fast and Efficient Data Recovery

Our solution lets you recover your data fast, particularly in virtualized environments. Our solutions dedicated to protecting and making available mission-critical data let you recover data up to 93% faster.

Simple and Efficient: The Power of Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged infrastructure is well-known for its simplicity and efficiency. When you choose HPE Renew and Veeam, you get integrated data management solutions on hyperconverged infrastructure. These solutions are ready to handle any workload.